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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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bookstore. i understand the owners want to make the changes but we used to hang out and read books and thank you very much >> thank you. >> thank you. >> give thanks we're in this room and in this plays at that time, because we all understand how important the marcus bookstore legacy is not just for the folks in this room but all the folks who have long been and will be touched by the importance of marcus books. i'm monica i'm one of many folks who came in 1988 from buffalo new york having traveled throughout europe and when i first came here the richardson's immediately took me aside as i was pressuring my masters and
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they said the education you can definitely receive there but the tools for living and being able to be a global sense you'll find here. i spent my first year pretty much stacking books for you guys. i thought i would have something more glarmz but during that time i had an opportunity to get to know the family. i want to speak of the heart of the books and this is the family that sees beyond color and your status and the maggot their sending is elevating all of us in japan they know about marcus books and jamaica know about
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this they read about marcus so the impact they have their mission of love and evolution they have goes far beyond this room. so as you consider what a historical landmark looks like please. >> i'm 22 year-old and i've lived in the fillmore all my life. it's any place that i've been to you, actually sit down and read mark us bookstore is the only plays that i know have to talk about what karen just the energy there. i'm still learning about why i get all that energy when i walk
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in there. i don't believe that history is only of the past that's something that's untangle. this here marcus bookstore is a real place for people to go it's tangible. the people there like myself we're not of the past we're still growing and having babies. they're not in the room but in the community and to not respect that i feel is assuming that we won't be here tomorrow is so i want to representative myself for you younger people of the future we're still here. thank you >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> how is it going i'm irish.
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this is where the hardest musicians performed it was not only the first art form place but during the 50s is it hosted duke elton and others after bob city the community stepped down in to save this building helen jones and charles and harry miller and others they relayed together. this foundation was hoisted into makeshift trailers and taken to fillmore. it was also a japanese export
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building. it's been a center for this industry for marcus for many famous folks. is it gave a voice in pubs material for san francisco state students in the late 60s as schools tried to expand the african-american and latin american courses across the country. about 8 or 9 weeks ago the supervisors passed a resolution say that this issue and we'll apply the carefully needs according to the building so,
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please support the building >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon. i'm janice cookie work with the educational youth system. my comments will be brief. i believe you have ever reason to designate this building and this bookstore as a historical landmark. in my opinion this building should have long been designated. i urge you not to delay this deliberations and grant the request >> thank you very much do we have anyone else that wishes to speak on the item. seeing none, sir we have one more. yeah. yeah we did okay. i want
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to do is it real quick? okay. let's go >> i think what i'm hearing is at any time not only a great place where people have come and been it's also just a very spiritual place that i think we candlelight destroy a place where people are coming to have their souls nurtured. i feel like with all the chaos and trauma we can't destroy those is that a. it's also an institution for learning. you might be stacking books but your learning obey humanity. it's what would be concerting to me if they tear this down what do they put there. i mean 150u67b8 they'll put a
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starbuck's there or a mcdonald's. so just think about the other thing, too is the blacks are being ran out of san francisco. you have three to four san franciscans who are black and you take other building from them that's a reason for more blacks to leave it also destroys some of the diversity of the businesses and so i think that it's a tragedy to destroy something of intellectual and spirited >> thank you and we're closed for public comment and we asked for our last speaker thank you very much. and if we could bring it back to
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the commission. commissioners decisions?s questions >> first of all, i want to thank you you for coming out and supervisor breed. this is an yawned item i was looking forward to because this bookstore is part of my community i'm born and raised in san francisco and now live in japan town and going to marcus books is something i've done since college and the first person to lead me to marcus books said if i wanted to learn more i had to go to marcus books. they were friends with ralph alison i should have asked for questions. marcus books is kind of the last
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business in the western edition is represents with a small business was like post 1950. i'd like to thank mary and stacey but i'm not opposed to the report but i wanted to see if i could indulge my fellow commissioners. i don't see the connects between the japanese-american and the african-american community after world war ii. the people of japanese people came back to the community particularly on fillmore street and they were weren't shunned they were welcomed back and
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during this period of significant from 1950 to 19 you only saw an african-american business or a japanese-american business along fillmore there was no ralph lawyer republican. i think it's important for us who live in 2013 to recognize and remember the fillmore of that day without that history we can't respect it. but i want to say that marcus books and it's current owners were not only the leaders 90 for the african-american but for the j. community and those folks were really mad that people were displacing their grandparents and they were forced to leave
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their homes in the world war ii era. so kind of the training that many of them received by reading the books and ref the support from marcus books and the community against eviction cain was established in 1973 to formerly oops the efforts no, the town. i don't think it takes away from the books importance to the african-american but this particular business and this particular family had a lot more impact not only within this community but other communities. it's for people like me relevant to get books when we didn't feel we had enough information about
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our people so that's where we went. those are the kinds of things that are important. it talks about the importance of the regulatory and those things really do come into play when you talk about looking at the location and who was actually living in this area during that period of significance. i also wanted to bring to our - my fellow commissioners attention a reintroduce to my fellow commissioners a resolution that was passed in december of 2012 that was resolution 0698 where the commission agreed that this commission recommends that future historic complexities should be skoeptd with that a social and culture heritage and to find other ways to recognize
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and respect institutions that are not historically deemed significant or deemed historical. i'm hoping that planning department staff could somehow add that or add this cultural aspect to that report and also that will appear on the agenda this afternoon >> thank you commissioner commissioner pealing man. >> i was so move forward when i read about this. i knew nothing about marcus books i knew about japan town but i came to san francisco in the 7080s and i think mr. johnson said it was already a landmark. when you get engaged you're
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already married because you've made i did comment and that's the history it's already there this is a landmark and clearly a landmark to the african-american community and beyond certainly to the japanese-american community as well. i feel privileged having landmarks for the stated purchase of all of us learning about the history and knowing about the people who came before us i feel it's a privilege to read about this package. i came to san francisco in the late 1980s and the aids was raevenlg the gay community and i worked and volunteered at the names project the aids memorial quilt on market street where it
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was made. i ended up writing the landmark store for that this building are i wanted to say the aids memorial quilt is no longer there there's a seafood restaurants there but the history did happen and certainly the richness of this history and the store of the richardson's. i had people influential in my family and it brings me to tears how the richardson's have influenced the whole community we celebrate restaurants and bars that are that old and this is significant in that it
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exceeds this. so if we're celebrating legacy of the bars and restaurants we have to recognize a place like this with its incredibleness history and thank you supervisor breed and for the community coming out. this is an incredible outpouring of love and spirit so thank you very much >> thank you. commissioners? >> commissioner highland. >> there's so much to say and this is a special place without a doubt. this is what historical preservation is all about it's more than the of her building with all due respect and the cable cars it's about our legacy
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and community. and it's an inspiration for the future that's why i'm on the commission. without pouring any cold water i want to recognize or point out that land marking this which i intended to support isn't going to protect the business it's about living together with the folks who own the building and land marking it is not necessarily going to protect its future that will be upon the community to work with the new owners and to live together in the community so. thanks >> do i hear a motion then? >> i make a motion we make an initiative and during this period for the time it comes
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back it be added to the designation report. >> thank you. we'll call the role >> on the motion then to initiate and a for staff to a include the african-american, japanese-american ties as well as the social and heritage ties to the report that comes back to the commissioners in the future. on that motion (calling names) so moved commissioner that passes 5 to zero unanimously >> thank you. thank you everybody. and we're going to take a 5 minute break before we hear the nextitem. >> i'd like to welcome everyone
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inform san francisco regular meeting for wednesday, september 18th. we do not allow any disruptions and if i care to please state your name for the record. commissioners we left off on the next item at 270 branding done street request for and certificate. this will be for 270 branding done street. >> the proposed project is for a one story parking lot and this will have approximately one-hundred and 89 thousand square feet. it would be a 05 thousand square
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feet and 12 new off straight parking spots and bicycle parking. the project is between two distinct mass on the outside would feature sun stradz and a paged metal packages and it has to reviewed by the office hearing for october 3rdrdrd. to date we have received inquiries that have neither support for or against the project. and the recommendations for the underground electrical devises.
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i want to caucus to the page section 5 the product is not providing any retail use so will be a correction. the department staff recommends approval with conditions that that's in the chair of the soound area. to be in performance which the certificate of appropriateness one as part of the building permit they shall provided concrete to insure the compatibility with the landmark district. it will be in color coordination and they shall provided materials and a sample of a front system to insure xhasht
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which the landmark district. it shall have a painted coordination. we have prepared a short presentation and this concludes my presentation >> thank you. >> i'm steve we're the project sponsors. i'm going to give a brief presentation showing some historic images and turn it over to pete to walk 0 you throw t - the design. this is is an aerial view. it's near the intersection of second and brandon and has a footage on duo bloom street.
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? a historic map from the survey the site was straddling the shoreline of the san francisco bay. you can see the top graph. you can see a historic photo where the place is phone number on the shoreline and st. marys hospital in the background. by 1876 you can see the site is completely overland and the brian connecticut no one street continues. by the time of the earthquake the site was being used a storage yard and there were a few buildings on site but because of the equating this is why were you, see the burned out
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remains in the background on the photo. by the 1830s it had been built out and the site was vacant. in this image just to the left of the student was the holy this and that actually pulsed into the station and there's a tunnel so the trains could pull forward and unload. this is a picture of the streetscape you can see the holy building and the gallows building. in the a picture of the building showing the historic shoreline as well as the slope of marine hill.
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and this shows how brannan street and d bloom street it 23 feet higher so it will be with a pedestrian entrance on the third floor of the this and the main entrance at the east end of the building to the basement. this just shows how the adjacent buildings currently mass with the building. this is a quick table showing some of the zoning stats we had a series of the meetings and some neighbors attend both meetings. we were in front of you and pete will talk about how we've adjusted the comments.
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thank you very much >> good afternoon, commissioners pete. the next slide can he get the slide. feeling you can't read this here but those are all the comments we've reviewed from the architecture review committee. i want to thank them for the thoughtfulness of this they were thinking about the design and resulted in an evolution that i'll share with you now. those potatoes points will come up as i go through the slides. the first comment was that the facade had in a regular recidivism so there was a different rhythm so it wasn't
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balanced over the facade. there was another comment there was from the architecture review committee liking our facade and trying to carry that character onto the other street. we regular listed the facade within the regular body of it next to it to get a good relationship to the buildings next to it. we changed the plan of the building to create a recess at the end entrance so the piece that responds to the context pushes forward and the facade is part of the more contemporary part of the building pushes back.
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so another comment had to do with gifk more expression to the context so you can see we've worked on increasing the visible height and it will play with the light. we've matched that material at the top of the base condition to their book ends the main facade. you can see the details at the bottom of the screen. this relates to the altercational buildings next door. in the same way our base condition are banned at the top. we looked at a notion that the commissioners raised that the
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elements open the facade the terra cotta elements seemed vertical so if there's a way to bring up the horizontal elements between the buildings that would help. so we introduced our terra cotta i guess they're called in front of the windows as a way to carry the material around the windows and that results in a perception of the overall facades of having a design comparable with the adjacent buildings. another issue that was brought up was that the terra cotta the way it was detailed looked flat because it met metals at the correspondence so we use is the terra cotta where it turns


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